LAKEWOOD — Thieves got away with over $10,000 worth of prescription drugs within 20 minutes  during the robberies of two pharmacies early Monday.

The glass in the front door of Emes Pharmacy on Cedar Bridge Avenue was shattered around 1:20 a.m., according to Lakewood police Capt. Gregory Staffordsmith.

Video of the burglary posted by The Lakewood Scoop shows two hooded thieves dressed in black using a hammer to break the glass and walk inside. The thieves ran out of the pharmacy with paper bags filled with the drugs that Staffordsmith valued at approximately $10,000.

A second pharmacy, Refuah Pharmacy, 2 miles away on County Line Road, was robbed around 1:40 a.m. Two men also dressed in dark clothing smashed the rear door and stole approximately $700 worth of drugs

Staffordsmith said police are working with all pharmacies in Lakewood to ensure the safeguarding of medication.  Marked and unmarked patrol units are also monitoring the businesses.

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