Help Dennis and Judi end the debate once and for all. With all the snow that the blizzard of 2016 brought us, a report is out that 75% of parents don't let their kids go sledding by themselves.

Dennis and Judi joked that they wanted to know what the percentage of people that call it sleigh riding let their kids go alone. Once that mention went out over the air, the floodgates opened with people from all over the state, from Bergen County to Toms River, even people from Staten Island, commented on what they thought sliding down a hill should be called.

A couple of times during the hour, we thought we had the areas of New Jersey that called it sleigh riding versus other areas that called it sledding. But as the hour progressed, we had people from the same areas, calling it by different names.

So which is it? Do kids go sledding in NJ ? Or do they go sleigh riding? Cast your vote now below!

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