People love their pets. Now, with all due respect and apologies to cat people, I'm a dog person. So that's what I'm focusing on here. New Jersey is home to more than 1,300,000 dogs. Yes, I'm one of those weirdos that has always given a dog a Christmas present. Yes, I even wrap it. Stop laughing. So we have a new little guy we adopted back in January and this will be our first Christmas with him. Yes, he will get gifts. So I was looking for things when I started coming across some of the strangest gifts for dogs yet you know you'll want them.

For example.

This peephole for your fence

Yes, this exists. You cut a hole in your fence for your dog to see out of through this own handy window dome. Lets your dog see more things to bark at.

This Pet First Aid kit

It comes with gauze, bandages, an emergency blanket, antiseptic wipes, etc.. Why do we need a separate first aid kit for dogs? I don't know. Shut up. We just do.

This dog massager

The Therapeutic Massager relieves a dog's anxiety. Four rounded nodes take care of any stress caused by fireworks, thunderstorms, etc.. You know you want one.

This automatic ball launcher

For the pet owner who couldn't be bothered actually throwing the ball for their dog to fetch, this is a lifesaver.

This bark translator

Allegedly this Bow-lingual device is supposed to tell you what your dog's bark means; what he's trying to tell you. You know you're curious.

This dog treadmill

This product advertises that you'll never have to worry about bad weather to get your dog's exercise in. But let's face it. You just don't feel like walking your dog. Here you go.

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