"The ocean was angry that day, my friends." And now this taxpayer is, too.

Do you think you should have to reimburse taxpayers for your rescue?

Over the weekend, the rough waters of the Manasquan Inlet almost turned disastrous for one jet skier Sunday. He was tossed from his jet ski and as the waves were pulled him toward a jetty, while the jet ski continued to drift away from him. But a Coast Guard crew, was training in the area — see the video of the dramatic rescue here.

But with warnings of dangerous weather and rough surf all weekend, what was he even doing out there?

Sal, a 52-year-old caller from Point Pleasant, said those who put safety personnel at unnecessary risk should have to compensate taxpayers for any costs incurred during their rescue.

I think we should add community service to the list of repercussions for putting first respondents at an necessary risk.

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