Would you go shopping on Thanksgiving? The Menlo Park Mall is betting you would. They will be open on 8pm Thanksgiving night, and won't close until 10pm on Black Friday.  

Black Friday Holiday Mall Shopping
Rod Lamkey, Getty Images

Some mall workers, including Anthony Rivera, would rather be home giving thanks with family. In a petition on Change.org, Rivera wrote: "The fact that we may not even be granted the same relaxation or be able to spend a National Holiday that gives thanks for our families with our family is absolutely and indubitably absurd!" He also said: "The few holidays that grant Mall employees the ability to enjoy a day away from work should not be jeopardized or completely relinquished by corporate greed, because quite frankly while the corporate employee is relaxing with their family we will be suffering from a slap in the face."

Simon Malls emailed a statement saying that the expanded hours are a reflection of changing shopper behavior. "Our extended holiday hours, including Thanksgiving night, are designed to meet customers’ needs and reflect changing consumer behavior," the statement said. "It also allows shoppers greater flexibility and further helps accommodate their already busy schedules."

Just because the stores are open doesn’t mean you have to shop there. If you really want them to stay closed on future Thanksgivings, don’t show up. However, since there are a lot of people who would like to get out of the house and find a bargain, I don't see a reason why they shouldn’t have the opportunity. Not everyone spends Thanksgiving at home with family. This would also boost the economy, and give the workers extra money.

There are many jobs that require you to work on Thanksgiving. If you really want this holiday off, perhaps something can be worked out. If not, you can work around it, like those police, firemen, EMT’s, doctors and media people do, to name a few.

What is your opinion on this? Should the Menlo Park Mall be open on Thanksgiving? Would you shop there if it were?