Lately, it seems that any major event that happens - good or bad, is captured on film. Almost every phone comes with a camera, making it easy for anyone to film anything at any moment. But are there some things that shouldn't be put on video?

Thomas Northcut, Getty Images
Thomas Northcut, Getty Images

Recently, two unrelated killings were filmed and are available online for people to watch. Journalist James Foley's tragic murder and an accidental killing of a gun instructor by a 9-year-old were captured on video. These videos do come with warnings, but that doesn't stop them from being seen by inappropriate audiences. If kids are unsupervised, they can easily gain access to the disturbing footage.

Some argue that it is important to keep these videos public. Although they may be horrifying, we have a right to see them. People feel it is important to see all facts of a matter.

Should the media post graphic images and footage?