It's no surprise that New Jersey's been dealing with a lot of extreme weather lately. From torrential rain and howling wind, weather emergencies seem to pop up more now than ever before.

But it's not just major storm systems that seem to cause headaches. Sometimes all it takes is the right weather event at the right time.

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One of the most common complaints that seem to pop up in online chats is the loss of power.

This makes sense considering our aging power grid. So perhaps the time as come for everyone in New Jersey to have a generator.

With that said, generators aren't cheap. Yes, you can get a smaller household one to power a few small items.

But if you want to power something like a refrigerator and other large items, you'll need a more powerful generator. However, that means it'll also be more expensive.

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And it's understandable that not everyone has the luxury to do that. So that begs the question: Should New Jersey provide a credit to it's citizens to purchase one for their home?

I'll take it a step further. It can simply be for those who can't afford to get one. Why not have an income threshold where if you fall under a certain amount, you can receive a credit for this specific purpose.


I know it's a stretch of that becoming reality, but you can't deny the facts. New Jersey's weather is becoming more extreme, and our power grid is aging more and more everyday.

Having that backup power during extended power outages can also make the difference between life or death. It's just a luxury. For some people's health, it's a necessity.

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I know it'll probably never happen in this state, but one could always hope.

Downed Power Lines (Mark Wilson, Getty Images)

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