I’m not a cat person, in fact I’m allergic to cats.  If I never see another cat for the rest of my life I’d be ok with that. Having said that, I’m totally in favor of the legislation proposed by Assemblymen Troy Singleton that would ban the declawing of cats. .

All animals including humans need to defend themselves and to mutilate one to make the owner feel better I feel is just wrong. If you can’t handle a cat with claws, then don’t get a cat. If you feel your furniture is more important, then don’t get a cat. Would you like it if your loved ones asked you to remove your knuckles to live there?

Onychectomy is what the procedure’s called and it is major surgery. If it’s done for medical reasons fine, but to declaw a cat because it’s shredding furniture, hasn’t learned to play properly or you just can’t be bothered to train it properly is just wrong.

Chances are if the declawing doesn’t solve the problem, the next step is putting the cat out the door which leaves the cat who can’t defend itself at the mercy of other animals who can. But of course the person who had it declawed wouldn’t be aware of that because it was too much of an inconvenience to them.

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