Do fishnets go with Easter bonnets? They do on the lawn on Dr Wayne Gangi's office.

The Clifton dentist, who decorates his lawn in an Easter motif, chose this year instead of the traditional bunnies to go the Playboy kind instead. It's going over so well with some that they are holding up traffic on Grove Street to take pictures.

Others of course may have a problem. Clifton Mayor James Anzaldi told "It’s certainly not the Easter display that maybe I would put up."

“For some people, who are more attuned to the religious portion of the holiday, it’s offensive," he said. but he doesn't believe there's anything the city can do about it.

“This is a First Amendment-type thing,” he told the site.

Personally, I have no problem with the bunnies. I imagine my 12-year-olds will like them next year as well. I also have no problem with the concept that a giant rabbit brings chocolate eggs. To each his own. There are no mention of Easter bunnies in the Bible so it's not a religious issue. It's a freedom of speech issue and when someone takes it upon themselves to vandalize the display, then it becomes a legal issue!

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