Halloween time is, unfortunately, also a time for parents to brush up on how many registered sex offenders there may be in their immediate area, and exactly where. But are you getting all the information you need?

Handcuffs And Fingerprints
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The registry, available online through the New Jersey State Police, doesn’t include every person who’s been convicted of a sexual offense. In fact, many are left off the list, for the sake of you and the perpetrator.

All offenders are classified on a tiered system based on their risk of re-offending. Those considered a Tier 1 risk are kept off the list completely. Tier 3 offenders, meanwhile, automatically go on the registry, and a good amount of Tier 2 offenders make the cut as well.

“The reason why everyone is not listed on the public internet registry is because it would be confusing to differentiate between high-risk and low-risk people,” said James Maynard, a Megan’s Law attorney with Maynard & Sumner in Morristown. “It would be over-informing the public where there is not a justification by way of risk.”

In essence, the registry lets you in on the people you should actually be worried about.

The tiered system, according to Maynard, also protects those who’ve been convicted of less serious crimes. When you click on a listed offender, you can see a picture of their face and personal information such as their home address and place of employment.

Risk assignments are determined by the county prosecutor.

Maynard said approximately 90 percent of convicted sex offenders never re-offend.

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