If you haven't read Sergio Bichao's article on a sex offender who's being kept in prison despite his sentence having ended in 2014, you can read it here.

The basics are that a 42 year old was convicted of raping his live-in girlfriend's son repeatedly from ages 6 through 8. And it was not his first conviction. He is a serial child rapist. What was his sentence? Only 8 years. His sentence ended in 2014 but he remains incarcerated at the Adult Diagnostic Treatment Center in Avenel, better known as the prison for sex offenders. He is held under civil commitment. This is legal under Jersey's Sexually Violent Predator Act. It has been challenged as unconstitutional but has been upheld by the courts.

Which brings me to my point. Deviants like this are miswired and cannot be fixed. During the Megan Kanka case I toured the Avenel prison and met with its warden, psychiatrists, and even inmates. These prisoners will never be rehabilitated and you will never known which ones may rape a child again. Furthermore, experts agree for every one victim that authorities know there are about 19 more on average. These people cannot be trusted among us. To do this to a child is tantamount to murder. You leave your victim physically alive by you have killed their soul, destroyed the person they would have been. This is as bad as murder.

Our death penalty was abolished under Corzine, something that should never have happened. Not only should the death penalty be reinstated and used in a more timely, less expensive fashion, it should include child molesters. Even life in prison with no chance of parole is not justice for these people. I have seen how they live in Avenel. Dormitory style rooms. Pool tables. Art classes. Basketball courts. Therapy sessions that will never fix them. Their very victims will grow up and their salaries will be taxed to pay for their rapists to continue to live. There was once a death penalty (even though sadly not used) in New Jersey for murderers. Most people who murder only do the act once. Child molesters have many, many victims.

It's sad to me that sentences for serial child rapists are as short as they are. After what this man did, his being sentenced to only 8 years shows zero understanding of what child molestation does to victims. Short sentences allow for repeat offenders, which allows for more victims. Life in prison would be the bare minimum to protect our kids, but justice will not be served as long as a child molester is allowed to be alive.

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