Dennis mentioned that this summer he saw more moms and older women with tattoos than he ever saw in previous years.

(Boris Katsman, ThinkStock)
(Boris Katsman, ThinkStock)

Dennis and Judi have said anytime they discuss tattoos that neither one of them are fans of the art work. Dennis and Judi asked moms and older women with tattoos to call in and discuss whether they regret getting their tattoos or not.

There was only a couple of women who called in and said that they regretted it for whatever reason. One didn't regret the tattoo, she just regretted the artist who did it. The other woman, who was 45, had 3 tattoos and the only one she regrets is the "tramp stamp" on her back.

After doing an hour on the topic, Dennis and Judi want to see YOUR tattoo(s). Send us over photos over your best ink by just filling out the quick form and uploading your photo below.

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