It really seems to be only thing the failing Democratic Presidential candidate has is to cry racism any opportunity he can. Cory did it again this week when fellow US Senator Kamala Harris dropped out of the race. His first reaction was "anger." He's quoted as saying Democrat voters should be for “folks like Kamala, who ​have authentic connections to millions of voters around this country.” Meaning if you look like some candidate or have a similar ethnic or racial make-up, you should vote for them. Which seems like the definition of racism, but is more of the standard of identity politics that Booker likes to deal in.

The truth is that Senator Harris didn't resonate with many Democrat primary voters, including African Americans who favor Joe Biden by a wide margin in recent polls. So is Cory Booker saying that his own party of "inclusive" and "open-minded" voters are racist? Booker knows that he soon may be the next candidate to bow out of the race. At this point he doesn't qualify to make the stage at the next Democratic debate. And at that moment, he won't reflect of what it was that he didn't do right to connect with the voters, he'll just blame it on the narrow minded attitudes of the horribly racist American electorate.

Cory Booker is a phony and the American public can see right through it. It's a shame New Jersey voters didn't see it enough to keep him from being our US Senator. But NJ politics being what they are, it's not surprising he made it through even though his constituents in Newark saw first hand what a fraud he was as mayor. Maybe the American public is tired of the race hustling tactics of candidates like Cory and Kamala and anyone else who plays that same old tired game, and are more interested in genuine people who might reflect the same values and ideals than the same skin color of their reflection in the mirror.

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