United States Senate Candidate Rik Mehta is opening a campaign office in the Atilis Gym in Bellmawr.

He’s had enough of the lockdown, which is crushing small business and putting a burden on middle and working class families that will take years to recover. People are suffering from a lockdown that is the result of a governor willing to abuse his executive authority to increase his political standing and potentially line the pockets of his connected friends. How else can you describe the outrageous proposal to let the Wall Street financiers manage new bonds for every new baby born in New Jersey?

Rik Mehta has had enough. He is an educated professional who is digging in to New Jersey like us. I asked him if he was willing to get arrested for the cause to fight for New Jersey residents. Take a listen to what he had to say to me on the air Wednesday. I also asked him about identity politics and how he felt being the first person of color to become a statewide GOP standard bearer.

He’s an educated, accomplished family man and Rik certainly deserves a few minutes of your time to see if he’s the right vote for you.

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