The lockdowns lasted for more than 400 days and in some parts of the country, people are not out from under crushing government control. One New Jersey business decided to fight back.

Like many people in our area, March and April of 2020 were confusing times with mixed messages coming from health experts and government leaders. The general consensus was we had a serious virus to contend with and most were okay following the guidance that would ensure we had enough hospital beds, staff and supplies to treat the sick.

As I've said over and over again since last April, the crisis ended on April 7 at 5 P.M. to be exact. That was the moment that the head of Emergency Medicine at St. Barnabas in the Bronx, Dr. Daniel Murphy, reported that deaths, discharges and transfers outnumbered admissions in his hospital. At that moment, the original goal was met. In New Jersey, we never hit a point where hospitals didn't have enough space, staff and equipment to care for the sick.

If you recall, I stayed in the studio throughout the panic along with our great morning crew. My departure from the studio setting was simply because I refused to comply with the absurdity of distance, masks and quarantine after travel.

At the same time last Spring, Atilis Gym owners Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti faced the same crisis as other businesses in NJ and around the country. How to get started with people afraid of a virus, despite the incredibly high survival rate and mild symptoms for most, and how to survive with arbitrary government edicts preventing opening normally?

For the first couple months the gym owners played by the rules, spending thousands to upgrade the air filtration in the facility, sanitizing, making the entire gym socially distant, even wearing masks through the door at one point. After doing extensive research and understanding the virus and how to keep people healthy, the gym owners decided after a couple months that they would simply reopen, fully. And they did.

Tens of thousands of people coming through their doors to work out, no virus, no illness...without masks and distance. Despite proving the point that the health crisis was long over, the Governor came after them. Locking them out at one point, seizing nearly $200,000 that they had raised for their legal defense...and charging them criminally.

The story of Atilis Gym is a real life example of the dangers of government and abuse of power. Sadly, it's still going on and the government has not relented in their persecution of these American heroes. Ian Smith joined me on the podcast to talk about what's next. If you want to help, please visit

Remember, this is bigger than one gym in New Jersey, this is about the right of individuals to remain free. It's about forcing the government to follow the Constitution. It's about making a stand and fighting tyranny. It's also about the right of free adults to make their own choices and manage their own risk when it comes to health.

You can click HERE to see the interview.

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