There has been a lot of discussion in New Jersey over the proposed state takeover of Atlantic City. While Speaker Vincent Prieto and Gov. Christie can't seem to agree on anything regarding the takeover, one NJ legislator is opposed to any planned takeover of the city.

Senator Jennifer Beck joined me in studio this morning to talk about the proposed takeover of Atlantic City and why she is so opposed to it.

When I mentioned to Senator Beck that I think Speaker Prieto's plan  is the right thing but for the wrong reasons, Beck wholeheartedly agreed. "It's not possible. It's frankly not possible that those public employees can keep their terminal leave." When speaking about the other sick and unused vacation time that is being taken in lump sums, costing the AC's budget over six million dollars, Beck said "We can't afford all those things."

Watch more of Senator Beck's thoughts on Prieto's plan below.


Senator Beck respectfully disagrees with the idea of a takeover of AC and she believes that the state wields plenty of power and the state has many other obligations than to take on running AC.

Watch Senator Beck explain other ways the state can go about helping correct the issues facing Atlantic City without a takeover below.


A caller asked the senator how we can lower taxes in the state. One the specific taxes that Jen brought up is the proposed gas tax.  When asked specifically about the idea of the gas tax, Beck said "The gas tax is one of the most regressive taxes that we have." Beck went on to lay out her 7-year- plan that would help fund The Transportation Trust Fund and it would avoid NJ implementing a gas tax.

Watch as Senator Beck explains her plan below.