It took 32-years, but Lindy Chamberlain's story was finally verified. The Australian mother claimed a dingo (wild dog found in the outback) took her baby. The now well known line, "The dingo ate my baby" has been repeated by many, but apparently, understood by few.

Seinfeld and pop culture fans probably remember the line best from this episode of Seinfeld when Elaine repeated it.  However, Dennis and others who watched Seinfeld didn't know where the line came from. You can listen to Dennis and Judi talking about the 'dingo ate my baby' line below.

Listeners were quick to point out that Meryl Streep played Lindy Chamberlain in the 1988 movie 'A Cry in the Dark'. See the trailer below.

Chamberlain actually spent three years in jail for the murder of her two-month-old daughter. However, Chamberlain has finally been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Not only do we now know where the Seinfeld reference comes from, but Chamberlain's story has been verified. The dingo, did in fact, eat her baby.