Hate to admit it, but it's getting chilly outside. Did you feel that cold air smack you in the face this morning? I did and let me tell you, I was bummed that it got that cold so quickly this year.

The thing about living in the Garden State, though, is that cold weather probably won't stop you from hanging out at the beach. If you're lucky enough to live within close proximity to any one of the beautiful beaches along the Jersey coastline, then you're also probably one of those people that doesn't mind a brisk beach stroll. In fact, you probably enjoy them from time to time.

I live within about 16 minutes from Atlantic City and Brigantine, and I have to admit, I do enjoy a nice chilly walk on the beach this time of year.

Because the Marine Mammal Stranding Center knows a lot of people in the area still like to head out to spend some time on the sand before the really cold months hit, they're warning you about the possibility of encountering beached sea turtles.

Find a sea turtle on the beach isn't exactly a rarity this time of year. It's nothing to worry about, though. A lot of the time, they're what the MMSC calls "cold stunned". They're reacting to the changing temperatures in the water.

If you happen to run into a stranded sea turtle while walking on the beach, you're encouraged to follow the steps that the Marine Mammal Stranding Center has published within their most recent Facebook post:

If you follow the aforementioned steps, you're giving the turtle its best chance at survival.

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