Republican state Sen. Jennifer Beck is no fan of the gas tax hike that could hit Gov. Chris Christie's desk as early as next week.

And, she told New Jersey 101.5's Bill Spadea Friday, she's no fan of being yelled down.

Tempers flared on the state Senate floor Thursday, when a legislative committee approved the estimated 23-cent-per gallon hike – a plan staunchly opposed by Beck, who advanced an alternative she says can be avoid a new tax with a combination of pay-as-you-go transportation spending and bonding.

So far, her plan hasn't gotten any traction. Instead, lawmakers are continuing to refine and advance a controversial plan developed by fellow Republican state Sen. Steve Oroho — one Christie says still needs work before he'd consider giving it his OK.

It should be little surprise Beck got a sympathetic ear Friday when she called into Bill Spadea's morning show on New Jersey 101.5. Spadea's been railing for months against a gas tax — and this week took to branding Oroho as #DarthOroho — arguing that like his nicknamesake in a galaxy far, far away, he's constantly changing deals for the worse.

But Beck told Spadea Friday she'd never been treated the way she was Thursday, when she and budget committee chair state Sen. Paul Sarlo got into a shouting match over the plan.

"Senator Beck, the plan you put forward is financially irresponsible and has no support,” Sarlo said among the screaming.

He unsuccessfully tried to shout Beck down.

“You called me out! If you’re going to call me out then you must let me respond,” Beck yelled back. “My plan may have been imperfect. But it was a thoughtful, researched, well-documented plan.”

As the screaming subsided, Sarlo told Beck he had "not seen one person come out in support of your plan."

On Spadea's show, Beck said Sarlo "didn't want me to respond."

"I have never had anything like that happen to me happen in the Senate. And I've been there since 2007. The people sent me down to Trenton in 2007. I have never had that happen," she said.

She continued: "Hey, we disagree on a lot of issues. We've always had a hearty debate. But I've never had anyone try to yell me down because I didn't agree with them."

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