It was that moment when a middle-aged guy suddenly sounds like an ornery old guy. Like the worst kind of cliche, my sentence literally started with, "Back in my day..."

I was talking to someone this morning about the fact that my kids' school district sent text notifications out last night that today was changed to an early dismissal. A half day. Due to heat.


Here's the actual text.

Half day due to heat
Jeff Deminski screenshot

Yes, because of a high heat index the kids are being let out early. I think it's ridiculous. Which make me a 90 year old.

Reasons this makes me a cranky 90 year old.

1) While some parts of their buildings are air conditioned, others are not.

2) It's already the last week of school and there's no work left that is counting towards their grades.

3) Some people with asthma or other conditions are more susceptible to the heat than others.

Reasons I feel I'm right anyway.

1) BACK IN MY DAY we had NO air conditioning in my schools. We suffered through it.

2) It teaches kids that life isn't always pleasant and staying a full day is what will be expected of them in the real world.

3) Parents of younger children potentially have to scramble for someone to watch their kids or take off work early themselves.

All lame reasons. I admit it, okay? I'm thinking like a World War II veteran. I'm thinking like a guy driving a Crown Vic at 10 mph. I'm thinking like a guy who thinks Sid Caeser was funny. (He wasn't. But then again he was way before my time.) I'm way too young to feel this cranky about schools just looking out for our kids, but I can't help it. Because we all made it. At least the kids I went to school with. Oh and one last thing.

Get off my lawn.

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