Just this week Bill and I talked about the heroin antidote Narcan being made available in ACME stores without a prescription for the first time in New Jersey. This follows Walgreens and CVS having already done so through their pharmacies in the last few years. Of course first responders have been using Narcan to save people from heroin overdoses in the Garden State, where heroin has become a huge crisis.

Now comes legislation that is advancing in the State Assembly and Senate that will require Narcan to be on hand in Jersey schools in case of an overdose on school property. Up until now the state had suggested school nurses have it, but hadn't yet required it. Some school districts have already done it on their own and have trained their staff in its use.

It would seem like a no-brainer. Why would you not want something that could save a young life? Yet I'm reminded of an online poll we did several months back asking if people had sympathy for heroin addicts. I was shocked after how much this subject has been in our faces and has washed through all walks of life and all 21 counties like a tsunami that the majority said they indeed did not have sympathy.

So I wonder now, will most people be in favor or against requiring all schools to have the heroin antidote on hand? Take our poll below and let us know.

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