Amidst all of the hoopla today about Tim Tebow's immediate future, the NFL began dropping the gauntlet on the New Orleans Saints organization for their role in participating in a bounty program last season. You will hear a lot more about fines and suspensions of individual players in the coming days and weeks but the NFL has to hurdle through the Players Association before anything is done.

Their Super Bowl winning head coach however, was the first to take a hit. The NFL suspended coach Sean Payton for the duration of next season. Some fans are shocked by how long the suspension will last, but I don't see how they could question this. In fact, the fact that Sean Payton and any other coach or coordinator with even minor knowledge isn't banned from the game is astonishing to me.

Along with the fact that money was being transferred under the table, the integrity of the sport was tarnished severely. Intentionally injuring the offense in potentially career changing ways in return for a pay-day that pales in comparison to the contracts these athletes are already committed to? This is not bad, this is appalling and it makes "Spy-Gate" mastermind, Bill Belicheck seem like Mary Poppins.

Commissioner Goodell, ban this man from the game.