As the Rutgers University athletics department awaits the results of an NCAA investigation, Scarlet Knight athletes are nearly halfway through their first season under a new drug policy.

According to a report from, the new policy makes several changes for the newest Big 10 member, including different punishments for harder drugs and performance-enhancing drugs, compared to marijuana.

The policy started at the beginning of August and covers all of the Rutgers athletic programs, unlike its predecessor, which applied to all teams except for the football program. According to the report, all athletes who test positive will be subject to counseling and drug testing.

Athletes who test positive for a performance-enhancing drugs or drugs like cocaine or heroin will be suspended for up to 10 percent of the season, while a first positive test for marijuana has no suspension. A second positive for marijuana is punished by a suspension of up to 10 percent.

Those athletes who test positive four times for a performance-enhancing drug or harder drug, or five times for marijuana will be dismissed from the team.

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