Remember when only God could make a tomato? Rutgers University must have gotten the recipe and has created a new tomato with a unique color to honor the New Jersey legacy of tasty tomatoes. Now when I see a Jersey tomato, right after I think salt, pepper, mayonnaise, and white bread or toast, I think gravy. So when I asked who makes the best tomato gravy in New Jersey, I was corrected and told it's tomato "sauce." Here we go again!

As far back as I can remember, my parents and grandparents back in the day took meatballs, sausage, bronchiole, and pork butt, fried it up with some olive oil, garlic and some other secret spices that they took to the grave, then added tomato paste, puree, crushed tomatoes and a can or two of tomato sauce and made "gravy." This ago old tradition remains in my family. This age-old argument continues on my social media pages:

Giulio Poli: "No such thing (as tomato gravy) you half a meatball!"

Chris Curtis: "Steve Trevelise --It starts as sauce and becomes gravy when meat is added. It is really simple. I do not understand how people cannot grasp that simple difference."

Eric Jensen: "It’s not gravy, it’s SAUCE!!"

Dave Ellmer: "It's always Gravy!!!"

James M. Di Gioia "My Mom made the best Gravy, Wine Several kinds of meat , and knowing the process and timely manner of course constant stirring, a very low and slow so no burn I wish I knew her recipe ! I hope to enjoy at the big table in Heaven!"

John Conte "Guess you mean such thing as tomato gravy! Gravy is what You put on turkey, Chicken, roast beef but not macaroni... macaroni gets SAUCE!!!!"

Michael Wynne: "Personally hate when it’s called gravy."

Sammy Pepper: "If you’re Italian it’s GRAVY. End of discussion. 'Hey Mom, are you making fresh gravy today for the Macs?'"

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