Rutgers is now requiring all incoming freshman students (oh I'm sorry, is that an offensive term?) to take a course on the "big impact" of microaggressions. Are you f---ing kidding me?!

You work hard to shield your child from all sorts of dangers from the time you bring them home from the hospital.

You make sure you get the right crib, the proper car seat, feed them good food. You try to get them in the best school district, keep them away from dangerous neighborhoods or perilous situations.

Now they're 18 and you're sending them off to be mentally molested by the elitist academic class that lives in an unreal world and teaches things that have little in common with reality.

You might worry about them getting in with the wrong crowd while they're away at school and doing drugs or binge drinking or being a victim of the "rape culture" at college.

The only rape culture that exists is that of the university violating their impressionable young minds and filling them with social justice garbage rather than real knowledge and useful information.

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