Tonight the NCAA decides the men’s college basketball championship, meanwhile at Rutgers we have our own version of march madness.

Rutgers University President Robert L. Barchi
Rutgers University President Robert L. Barchi (Andy Marlin/Getty Images)


First we have a videotape that gets the coach, who should have been the dodgeball coach, suspended then when it became public, fired.


We have an athletic director who said he worked closely with the president of  the university on the suspension decision in November, only to have the president come out and say he never saw the tape until last week.


Then we have the president performing his version of dancing with he stars at a press conference called surprisingly on a Friday, just as the music is coming out to play and we can’t talk about it.  Well now we can. So what do you think?


Personally I think the Marx Brothers ran Huxley College in ‘Horsefeathers’ better than these stooges are running Rutgers.


i think the president who said he thinks about resigning every day should think about harder. How can you not look at a tape that contains physical abuse and gay slurs by your basketball coach in November when it is made available? If this tape was used for extortion and you didn’t pay, what made you possibly think that it would never get out? What was possibly more important than dealing with this situation?


Was it that you didn’t want to look bad as you entered the big ten? Now Rutgers looks even worse not only in front of the big ten, but in front of the whole country.


when the Penn State scandal happened, the only thing the school did was fire everyone and start anew. I think that’s what they need to do at Rutgers. What do you think? 1-800-283-101.5 should the Rutgers president resign?

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