Mitt Romney does not blame Chris Christie or Hurricane Sandy for his loss to Barack Obama in the November presidential election.


Many Republicans have faulted Governor Christie for stopping his campaign appearances for his fellow Republican after Sandy struck New Jersey and working with President Obama to bring help to the state.

In his first interview since losing the November election, Romney told Chris Wallace he doesn't hold Christie responsible.

“I’m not going to worry about how Chris was doing what he thought was best for the people of his state. I lost my election because of my campaign, not because of what anyone else did.”

Romney says Sandy forced him to bring his campaign to a halt. "We were in the last week. We were ready to hammer,hammer, hammer our message and we had to stop."

The interview was Romney's first since the election.

He lays most of the blame at his own feet for his comment that 47% of the population was reliant on government services and thus wouldn’t vote for him as "very harmful."

A Hug For The President

Governor Chris Christie and President Barack Obama
Governor Chris Christie and President Barack Obama (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Christie greeted Obama with a hug when he arrived in New Jersey to tour the damage causing conservatives to say he took his gratitude for help from Washington too far. He also declined to appear at one of Romney's final campaign appearances just across the Delaware River in Newtown, Pennsylvania.



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