While many conservatives blame Chris Christie for Mitt Romney's loss to President Obama in the November election, Romney himself has made a donation to Christie's re-election campaign.

Governors Chris Christie and Mitt Romney
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts,  has donated the maximum amount of $3,800 to the campaign according to Politico. Christie will be in Boston tonight for a fundraiser which several key Romney campaign personnel will attend including his fundraiser David Tamasi.


Christie ended campaigning for Romney's presidential bid as Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey and was photographed embracing President Obama on his visit to the state to inspect damage from the Superstorm. Many conservatives believe Christie's decision for contributing to Romney's loss.

Romney has kept a low profile since November and not talked publically about the election. He is scheduled to break his silence on Sunday in an interview with Fox News' Chris Wallace in which he describes the end of the campaign as a "roller coaster ride."

Unforgiving Conservatives Question Christie

Governor Christie delivers his Budget Address
Governor Christie delivers his Budget Address (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Unforgiving national conservatives have continued to question Chris Christie's conservative views in the wake of his comments about gun control, his support of the Sandy aid package and his acceptance of Medicaid money as part of Obamacare.



He was not invited to the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference and was described by  Al Cardenas, head of the group that organizes the conference, the  American Conservative Union as not having a good year as a conservative.

However, New York representative Peter King (R)  has come to Christie's defense, telling TheHill.com that Cardenas' decision about Christie is  "very dangerous" for the Republican Party because it makes it "look like a narrow regional party."

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