Yesterday I gave my reasons for not voting for Trump. Here are my top ten reasons why I won't vote for Hillary. By the way, I'm not sitting out this election. I'm voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico. The two-party system has gotten us where we are today and something desperately needs to change.

1. Flagrant violations of email protocol while secretary of state, something any underling would have surely been fired for if not prosecuted over. We may never know what classified secrets were hacked by hostile nations.

2. She switches positions when it's to her political advantage. In 2000 she opposed same-sex marriage, now she's for it. She voted for the Iraq War in 2002, then later campaigned against it. Favored the Cuban embargo in 2000, then later opposed it. The list goes on.

3. Too many scandals that she always seems to get away with, such as the suspected real estate scheme in Whitewater, the firing of White House travel staff employees to make room for jobs for her friends in Travelgate, and a little something called Filegate, in which it's alleged she got her hands on and read top-secret FBI background checks for political gain.

4. Benghazi. Repeated requests for more security were ignored by her. We know the result. On September 11, 2012, Islamic radicals killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and others. How did it exactly happen? "What difference at this point does it make?" Hillary famously said.

5. Chronic liar Hillary Clinton has a bit in common with Jersey's own disgraced newsman Brian Williams. In 2008, she dramatically shared the frightening story of how she landed in Bosnia under heavy sniper fire. Only problem was it never happened. Here's one from way back. As a young woman she worked on the Watergate case and it has been claimed by Jerry Zeifman, chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, that Clinton authored a fraudulent legal brief and swiped what were public documents in hopes of keeping Nixon from being impeached. Why on earth would she want that? So Ted Kennedy would have a shot at winning the presidency in 1976.

6. The ultimate Washington insider. As just mentioned, she was working inside the nation's capital long before becoming First Lady. One of her first jobs after Yale was serving on the impeachment inquiry staff during the Watergate trial. How much more inside can you get than a woman who has been in the cesspool of Washington, D.C., her entire adult life?

7. Embracing things Bernie Sanders stood for such as free college for all shows her opportunism and impracticality. And how is she going to pay for it? Have the rich pay their fair share, of course. Can Democrats come up with a new line of BS that has a little more detail at least?

8. She clings to universal healthcare. It's something that has greatly hurt people I know and I hold her personally responsible.

9. Her stand on immigration and a pathway to citizenship doesn't sit well with me. In her acceptance speech she spoke of an illegal population that was contributing to our economy. Paying sales tax is not the same as fully contributing as in paying income tax, something many millions of illegals have avoided. If there's ever a truly fair pathway to citizenship it would have to include free labor that would serve the public and/or serving in the military.

10. Just a general sense of misgiving about this person. A sense of not knowing who she really is after all these years in public life. She has always struck me as a phony. A climber. A political opportunist who felt somehow destined, preordained, entitled to an eventual presidency. I have no plans on helping hand it to her.

-Jeff Deminski

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