Not thrilled with any of the candidates in the 2016 Presidential Election? If you don't align yourself with the Democratic or Republican party, you're not alone.

Dennis Malloy feels your pain and thinks that it is about time to start a third party, one with a lot less government interference in our lives. Isn't that a novel concept? If that sounds like it is for you, then it is time to join the "Common Sense Party."

Watch Dennis' explanation and ideas on how we can make this work in America. While it may be too late for this year's election, we can work towards finding a candidate that people can actually get behind with the Common Sense Party. It could be a party that says "Democrats are idiots, Republicans are idiots, let's get some common sense back into our lives."

Isn't it about time we as Americans had a candidate that we truly WANTED to vote for rather than just voting for the best of the worst?

Watch Dennis' plan for the "Common Sense Party," in the video above.