Recently we put the challenge out to our listeners to pretend this election year were a movie and try to cast the various parts. We included current candidates as well as some who already dropped out of the race. This is some of what we all came up with.

  • 1

    Donald Trump

    Nick Nolte or Gary Busey

    (I wonder if Trump wakes up looking like those famous mug shots)

  • 2

    Hillary Clinton

    Meryl Streep or Martha Stewart

    (I don't know how this caller saw her as Meryl Streep. My suggestion was John Denver if he were still alive)

  • 3

    Chris Christie

    Bobby Moynihan

    (Also suggested was Chris Farley if he hadn't died)

  • 4

    Ted Cruz

    Ty Burell from the hit show "Modern Family"

  • 5

    Marco Rubio

    Enrique Iglesias (If you gave him a school boy haircut and made him clean shaved)

  • 6

    Ben Carson

    Denzel Washington

    (Really? How about Robert Guillaume if we had a time machine to pull him out of the 80's Benson)

  • 7

    John Kasich

    Stand-up comedian Gary Shandling from the Gary Shandling Show

  • 8

    Bernie Sanders

    Larry David

    (This was the only one there was zero argument about. In fact if Larry hadn't appeared in public with Bernie we'd still be convinced they were the same guy)