This sign in South Plainfield made me laugh. I would expect the sign to say "Speed Bump."  Speed Hump? Is that a part of Speed Dating? In actuality, a speed hump is a gentle speed bump! But...I digress.

Once I stopped laughing...this sign got me noticing others.  Lets face it, there are so many roadsigns in New Jersey that they can go by unnoticed...and certainly the funnier ones go by underappreciated.  I posted a handful of signs here on yesterday. Here are a few more.  I took all the photos over a 2 day period this past week.

Sometimes, the signs are in english.

Sometimes the message or directions are given in "univeral language." This sign was just behind the sign above ("Right Lane Ends"). Redundant, but effective.

This sign is pretty straightforward. But, where is the sign warning us that there is a red light camera at this intersection?

How about a sign that warns you to look for another sign?

Or, to watch out for those who can't or don't watch for themselves. Ahh, to be a child again...

Aren't there laws in New Jersey due to this... (just kidding).

Bike Crossing.  And, I'll add, make sure that you are wearing your bike helmet. I'm serious.

Church crossing? lol.

Quack! Quack!!

So, are there too many signs?  When I can take a picture of one yellow-diamond sign, and see another one with a completely different message, behind it..?! You come to your own conclusion.

Is it any wonder that New Jersey drivers are sometimes lost and/or confused? Maybe, there are so many signs that we can miss the ones that will help us get to our destination!  As I stated yesterday: "Take this as a sign."

And, here's one from my archives that you will (probably) never see in New Jersey:

In Hayward, Wisconsin (the northwestern corner of the state, in the "snowbelt,"), during winter months, snowmobiles are not only for fun...they can be an essential form of transportation!

What unusual road signs have you seen in New Jersey? And where are they? Please post below!