Stop resisting arrest!

Seriously, another video pushed out on social media to make cops look bad. This time, it's cops in Dover who had to physically restrain and stop a guy from fighting them after they made the decision to bring him in.

Did the cop punch him? Looks that way. I say, so what? Using physical force is a necessary part of a law enforcement officer's job. And arresting a guy with outstanding warrants who is physically resisting the cuffs isn't easy.

Give the cops the benefit of the doubt. If you've ever been in a physical altercation, you know adrenaline rushes and you get into a zone to accomplish the mission. In this case and every case across the state and country, we're tasking our officers with the goal of bringing in the suspects and then disparaging them for doing their job.

Enough is enough. Stop resisting arrest and you'll avoid the beat down.

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