Mothers day would always sneak up on you. I remember when I was a teenager I knew I wanted to get my mom something special for Mother’s Day. I would think about it, the planning, the research in selecting the perfect gift for my hard working and perfect mother. Unlike waiting for Christmas or your birthday in which I swore time stood completely still, Mothers Day showed up like a bullet, appearing out of thin air thwarting all my plans for a thoughtful planned out gift that would be the best gift she could ever receive.

Instead I found myself sprinting to Spencer’s Gifts to get her the last table stand Chinese gong in the store. Decorated with fake hand carved wood and a little wooden gong, this is what I gave my mother for this very special day.

We’re not Chinese, had no specific ties to the Chinese culture other than an occasional trip to The Golden Dragon Chinese restaurant down the block.

I had the wonderful teenager at Spencer Gifts wrap it in pink tissue paper. I knew that it would be proudly displayed somewhere on the furniture in the house. I was all set.

The “Day” came upon me quickly but my shopping prowess had saved the day, once again, it would be alright. My mother’s reaction when she opened the Chinese gong was priceless , the look on her face at first was one that said…What the he…..? Then a smile would creep across her face followed by a small laugh. It wasn't a laugh at the stupidity of the gift, it was a laugh as she attempted to follow my thought process in the purchase of this "one of a kind" treasure.

I can laugh at it now and it makes that memory so special for me. I hope that you can recall the fond memories of mom as we share Mother's Day. I miss my mom but have these moments to celebrate the day. Happy Mothers Day!