Every year thousands of families are effected by household fires. Making sure your home is equipped with smoke alarms, flashlights, and other household items is essential for any safe home.  We’ve partnered up with the team at Batteries Plus to provide with you some simple tips to keep your family and home safe in the event of a fire. Text the word ‘BATTERY” to 89000 for a free 9V battery, courtesy of Batteries Plus. Also, by texting to 89000, you will automatically be entered a contest to win a $500 gift card!

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Residential fire deaths have decreased steadily as the number of homes with smoke alarms increased. Reports from the National Fire Protection Association show that people have nearly a 50 percent better chance of surviving a fire if their home has the recommended number of smoke alarms.

Under normal conditions, Smoke alarm batteries should last at least one year. The most common reason that smoke alarms don't work is because people remove the batteries - either to stop the low battery signal or a because of a nuisance alarm - and forget to go back and replace them later on. When the battery is no longer useable, the alarm will give a short beep every minute or so. It is easy to remove the battery and then forget to replace it. The best way to prevent this is to replace batteries at the same time each year before the low battery signal begins.

Here is  quick video that shows you a quick and easy way to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

The easiest way to schedule a reminder for yourself to change the batteries in your  smoke detectors is to have the change coincide with daylight savings time, twice a year. If your smoke detector starts chirping or beeping off and on, it's time to change the batteries.

Don’t forget to Text the word ‘BATTERY” to 89000 for a free 9V battery and more helpful fire prevention tips. Also, by texting to 89000 you will automatically be entered a contest to win a $500 gift card, courtesy of our friends at Batteries Plus!