An 8 year old girl from Port Norris, isn’t looking for presents this year for her birthday.
What she wants instead is food donations to be given to veterans.

And the plan is even more remarkable because she conceptualized the idea while on her way home from school.

Natalie Parkhill came up with the idea while she was being brought home from school by her dad, who was quite surprised when he heard her mention that.

Giving is something that’s been a way of life for such a young kid. She’s been known to set up lemonade stands for childhood cancer as well as collecting pennies for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Although her birthday is on July 23, she is having a pool party later this month and her birthday invitation instructs guests to bring a bathing suit and some canned food instead of a present.

The reaction has been very positive from the community, Parkhill explained, with friends, co-workers and family showing support by promising to donate food.

The family expects two trucks' worth of food to donate.

To help with the idea, the Parkhills enlisted the help of Celebrating Our Veterans founder Derick Glenn.
"I was completely blown away," Glenn said. "I was speechless. I didn't even know what to say."

He has known the Parkhills for years, having worked as an entertainer for birthday parties, and already has a dozen families in mind to benefit from the food donations.
"We never had anything like this," Glenn said. "This is absolutely moving that a child thought it up on her own to help people."

You show me an 8 year old that puts others ahead of herself – especially at such a young age, and I’ll show you a model citizen.

Natalie Parkhill – today’s Ray the Ray – Hero of the Day

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