Non violent drug offenders now have the option of going through a program known as “drug court;” which is intended to get them clean instead of taking up space in jail.

The program was instituted by Governor Christie who signed it into law back in 2012, saying,

“We will no longer simply warehouse individuals in prison who are not a threat to society while the underlying cause of their criminality goes unaddressed,” says Christie. “And we won’t wait for them to come to the conclusion that they need treatment on their own. With this legislation we are building on our record of reducing recidivism, reclaiming lives by breaking the vicious cycle of crime and addiction, and doing so in a way that is less costly and more effective in getting results.”

And getting results it is. The South Jersey times tells the story of one successful graduate, Jamie Smith, on She's now been clean for three years, is returning to school and has custody of her son and daughter.

Drug court as opposed to jail – one very effective way to reclaim a life.

To all who manage to make it through the program and graduate – I offer you today’s Ray’s Ray of Hope!

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