Today marks the culmination of National Nurses Week.

A rewarding but stressful job if ever there was one.

I have a nurse in the family. My recently married niece Rachel had a passion for nursing early on. She’s very caring, as is one of the many qualifications of holding a position such as that.

And because she’s proficient in her craft, she’s become an operating room nurse, which takes quite a bit of stamina.

So you can imagine how appreciative one nursing student in South Burlington, Vermont was upon finding a note of encouragement in a nursing textbook along with a $10 Starbucks gift card that was left anonymously.

The note, which was posted to social news site Reddit and has gone viral, begins. “I’m assuming that if you’re thumbing through an NCLEX book that you’re probably nearing the end of nursing school “I want to start by saying that you should be so proud of yourself! You’ve worked so hard to get here, and I promise you, it’s so worth it. I’ve been a nurse for 12 years and can’t imagine doing anything else.”

The handwritten letter included some thoughtful advice about how to deal with the stresses of a nursing career. “I want to let you know that the first year or two out of school is the hardest. But don’t give up and remember why you decided to become a nurse in the first place,” the note reads. “Be patient, and don’t beat yourself up. Don’t take things personally and when you’ve had a difficult situation, try to leave work at work.”

The note continues: “Two more very important things to remember are 1, be proud to be a nurse, and 2, believe in yourself. Also trust your instincts—they’re usually right!”

The letter ended with a pre-exam pep talk—along with the Starbucks gift card. “So grab some coffee and study for the NCLEX. I’m certain you’ll do fine,” the note says. “You’re going to be a great nurse! Remember, be proud and believe in yourself! You can do it!”

The note is signed: “XOXOXO, another nurse.”

And as you can imagine, the post was filled with many comments from nurses testifying as to how rewarding their jobs are, and complimenting the nursing student for her decision.

I can remember the many times my wife was hospitalized for one thing or another how attentive the nurses were – and had briefly mentioned as such on my show.

That’s why, in not wanting to miss out on National Nurses Week which culminates today, we give props to the many nurses who serve us across the state and nation.

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