It’s a painful process donating precious bone marrow to a cancer patient, but the rewards are beyond words.

It's one thing for a friend or relative to do it – but when the donor is a complete stranger – that goes above and beyond.

Ron Oppedisano of Illinois was given a second chance of life by someone he didn’t even know.
He’d been diagnosed with was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2010.

To his rescue came a 21 year old Texas student named Samantha Nielsen, who was recently allowed to exchange contact information to meet for the first time, according to story reported by

Turns out after Oppedisano’s hope had almost run out, he’d registered in the “Be the Match” bone marrow donor exchange, as did Nielsen, and both turned out to be a 10 in 10 match.


Props to Samantha Nielsen – who feels like all she did was make a small sacrifice – but in reality saved a life.

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