One of New Jersey's largest utility companies says scammers are trying to rip off residents and small businesses through email solicitations, fake bills and requests for personal information.

PSE&G spokeswoman Lauren Ugorgi said the company never threatens to immediately turn off anybody's power.

"You will receive many notices if you owe money before we turn off your power," she said.

The company recommends not to let anyone claiming to be a PSE&G employee into their home until they have verified their identity.

"If someone just shows up on your doorstep and says it's some kind of emergency, you can distinguish PSE&G representatives from others through our ID, through logos, clothing and through marked vehicles that they will have," she said. "What we encourage people to do is call us and verify. So shut the door and call us and verify that we indeed have an emergency in the area."

She says if you suspect a scam, hang up the phone, call police or alert neighbors if someone is going around randomly posing as a PSE&G rep who shows up at your door without your summoning them.

She also credits New Jerseyans with having "pretty good instincts."

"If you think it's a scammer, it probably is," she said.

Joe Cutter is the senior news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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