Someone please wake me up. Someone please tell me this is a bad dream. Towards the end of last year there was a dance called the Orange and Black Ball at Princeton University. Undergrads were given very specific detailed instructions on how to comport themselves on the dance floor to avoid sexually harassing someone. This report is the first I'm hearing of it.

It's now not enough to say, "Hey, do you want to dance?" and have someone say, "Yes!" Now we are supposed to stop midway and 'check in' and ask if "this is still okay?"; ask whether, "they're still comfortable." Things like that. This graphic was provided to students showing them point by point things you should say before and during dancing to not become a sexual predator.

This poster was created as part of a UMatter initiative at the ivy league school. Ellen Scott-Young, organizer of the OBB, says, "It is designed to promote responsible interpersonal behavior on campus."

Listen, I am all about supporting victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment. As long as they are true victims that is. I believe most in the #metoo movement were, but not all. The woman who consensually had a brief fling with Matt Lauer for example, of her own volition, only to later decide she was a victim when she thought of Lauer's lofty position and power is a terrible representative of women in general let alone honest victimhood. But for the millions of women who are true victims, I support them one hundred percent.

But this?

Stopping in the middle of a dance to 'check in' if this is "still okay?" Oh my God, we are coming full circle to where politically correct sexuality began on campuses more than twenty years ago. So-called enlightened intellectuals will have us jettison all our logic and common sense in order to make a place for them in the world. Ladies, you're in the middle of a dance and suddenly you're not 'feeling it', suddenly the dancing is going somewhere you don't want it to? YOU...WALK...AWAY...
This kind of political correctness isn't empowering real women. It's empowering weak, mindless children trapped in a young woman's body who for some reason never learned to say no. And the more we empower that, the more acceptable it is for a young woman like this to play the victim card when she is not what a real victim is.

Can we get back to some common sense in this country? Is sexual harassment real? Absolutely. Is it vulgar? Absolutely, even when it happened long ago. Is not stopping 90 seconds into a Rihanna song and 'circling back' to make sure the woman still wants to keep dancing sexual harassment? If I even have to answer that for you you don't belong in middle school yet let alone Princeton University.

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