After more than 13 years of battling with the Institute for Advanced Study, the Civil War Preservation Trust was able to negotiate a deal that preserves the site of Washington's successful counter-attack, which was the first victory for his army over British regulars.

This was the field of battle for the first land combat engagement by the U.S Marines, who were joined by the first African-American enlistees. There was concern that the site would be used for housing instead of being preserved.

Maxwell's Field is the site of a huge turning point of the Revolutionary War for the Americans and will be sold to the trust for $4 million. The very place were Patriots and British soldiers alike gave the ultimate sacrifice for their cause and country will be preserved for future generations.

This opens the opportunity for Americans and tourists to visit and appreciate the rich and violent history of the founding of our great nation and the role New Jersey played.

(Photo by: @NewsWorksNJ)

Special thanks to the Princeton Battlefield Preservation Society, led by my friend Jerry Hurwitz who never gave up, legislators on both side of the political aisle, Assemblyman Reed Gusciora and Senator Kip Bateman and attorney Bruce Afran.

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