It’s about time we had a tough-talking, strong leader in the White House. It’s been a long time for sure.

The media seemed wishful that the president would be struck down by COVID and then have a revelation that we need more masking and lockdowns. The opposite happened.  The president, who despite being overweight and in the age category considered "vulnerable," came through with flying colors. He stood tall, and served as an example of what we already know; COVID is simply not the sure-thing killer that the media and politicians like Gov. Phil Murphy want you to believe.

He showed another thing too. Everyone gets the virus. Not literally, but enough that herd immunity seems to be happening in areas WITHOUT a lockdown, like Sweden. That’s right, it’s everywhere and spreads faster than other viruses, according to many health experts. Millions and millions of cases, nearly a billion according to the WHO and relatively few deaths. If you take the numbers from the World Health Organization and the reported deaths (even though we know many deaths were "probable" and not confirmed), you get a death rate that nearly mirrors the seasonal flu. So the president got sick, like many people do every season, and he’s showing that he’s fine.

Let’s review what we know.

The virus is common and you can have the antibodies from having a common cold.

The virus is too small to be blocked by cloth masks.

The mask on your face that you’ve been told will help you could actually be posing a very serious threat to your health.

The virus is far less deadly to young people, especially children who are far more susceptible to the seasonal flu.

Sweden never locked down and never closed schools. No kids died from the virus and there is no second wave in Sweden.

The original intent of the lockdown was to flatten the curve, but we know that in our area it happened naturally, never overwhelming our health care system, in mid-April.

Lockdowns themselves as we look across the varying examples across America seem to have had little or no impact when it comes to slowing the spread and flattening the curve.

Now we have a great example of the truth. The truth about a virus that is simply not that deadly unless you are severely compromised. Actually according to the CDC, 94% of all the deaths in the US were among people with an average of 2.6 comorbidities.

So thank you, President Trump for leading the way and showing people the truth. It’s still an uphill battle as many media talking heads refuse to acknowledge the facts that are right in front of them. And politicians in NJ and NY are desperate to hold onto the emergency powers they grabbed in the name of a public health crisis which really never materialized in any way, shape or form that the doomsayers predicted.

Open everything. Take off the mask. Hug your neighbor. It’s long overdue.

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