TRENTON — Will New Jersey have its eighth Powerball winner?

No one has won the Powerball jackpot since June 10, giving it an annuity jackpot of $430 million with a cash value of $273.4 million. Players get a crack at the jackpot, along with players from 46 other states and territories, up until the drawing at 11 p.m.

The jackpot is the ninth largest jackpot in the game's history, but most New Jersey winners have taken the cash option.

"I guess everybody wants everything now," joked New Jersey Lottery spokeswoman Judy Drucker.

Drucker said Powerball has been available to play in New Jersey since January, 2010. "We've been a very, very lucky state. ... We've had some good luck in New Jersey," Drucker said.

"Overall Powerball has paid out in total prizes to our New Jersey players over $1.24 billion in prizes over those years. A lot of winning tickets sold across New Jersey," Druceker said, adding that which seven winning Powerball jackpot tickets have been old in New Jersey.

The location that sells the winning jackpot ticket gets a $30,000 commission check from the NJ Lottery.

The New Jersey Lottery wants to make sure that whatever amount is won on any of its games is by someone who is at least 18 years old. It has teamed up with the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey for their "Not 18 Yet? No Bet" awareness campaign.

"We do this every year during the back-to-school season when young people may be frequenting convenience stores and types of lottery retail outlets to remind adults and retailers that New Jersey law prohibits the sale of lottery tickets by or to anyone under the age of 18," Drucker said.

"One of our focuses this year will be on preventing the onset of gambling addiction among adolescents and young adults, so the New Jersey Lottery's message and support is particularly timely,” director Neva Pryor said.

Advice on gambling problems for all ages can be found at or by calling 800-GAMBLER.

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