The radical Democrats have no limit to the amount of propaganda that they are willing to push. Does anyone really believe that after the count in Michigan jumped more than 130,000 votes in Joe Biden's column without a single additional vote for the president that something was amiss?

The complicit media, most of whom are in on the propaganda push to make it seem that a reasonable question about voter fraud should not be raised, are now reporting that nothing went wrong and it's crazy to think that anything could be wrong with millions of mail-in paper ballots and the human counting process.

From the jump in counts, after the counting process was supposedly suspended, to the reports of ballots being dropped off in the middle of the night. All add up to a legitimate reason to have a legal team make the appropriate inquiries and audit every one of the ballots received by mail.

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is part of the team leading the fight to make sure legitimate votes are counted. He joined us on my New Jersey 101.5 morning show to explain the president's position.

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