Veterans returning home from having done, in many cases, multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan have to deal with a number of issues.

Trying to readjust to civilian life, getting a job, reconnecting with family – and for a fair number, dealing with the physical and emotional scars the war has inflicted – especially the emotional toll it’s taken.

A good many have been afflicted with PTSD -which makes the process of readjustment that much more daunting.

That’s the reasoning behind A&E’s producing a docuseries about returning vets and the challenges they face struggling with PTSD.

While I’m sure some may think a “reality series” diminishes the problem some vets face – there are a good many others who welcome the fact that the series will be focusing on the problem.

One such vet, Jim Stanek gave credit to A&E for developing a series about the struggles veterans face,
especially since it's not easy to watch what they go through.

“A&E has really stepped up to the plate and was really willing to tackle the problem our veterans face -- and especially to put it on TV. The show is going to be an emotional roller-coaster,” he predicted. “[The show is] just a glimpse of what it’s like when you’re a veteran living with it.”

His wife added that many do not fully appreciate what some returning vets face when dealing with traumatic brain injury or post traumatic stress disorder.

“Dogs of War” will be premiering on A&E on Veterans Day.

Hopefully the show sheds some light on a very serious issue many do not understand.