This #BlueFriday I'm proud to highlight the great work of Cranford police Officers Ryan McSharry and Jason Ingram.

As we've been discussing for years, cops never know what they are going to encounter when they make a traffic stop. In this case, it was a perp with an outstanding warrant with a loaded, stolen firearm, and a little bit of crack cocaine.

According to police, the perp provided false information to the cops when they approached him. Due to the hard work, determination, and fearless implementation of their training, a potentially violent incident was avoided.

Imagine having a job where you may have to have a conversation leading to apprehending a person who has a loaded weapon? That's the potential every time one of our New Jersey police officers approaches a motor vehicle.

It's one of the reasons I bristle every time I hear media outlets use the term "routine traffic stop." NO SUCH THING.

There is nothing "routine" about the job of a police officer.

Every day they put on the uniform is a day that they might encounter someone up to no good who may use violence to avoid arrest.

This is from the police press release:

A motor vehicle stop of the Nissan was conducted on Centennial Avenue near Raritan Road. At the time of the initial motor vehicle stop, the driver provided false identifying information to Officers McSharry and Ingram, but through their investigation, was eventually identified as Kevin Artis, 27, of Edison NJ. Officers McSharry and Ingram learned that Artis had an outstanding warrant for his arrest out of Woodbridge NJ. A further investigation and search of the Nissan Maxima yielded the discovery of crack-cocaine and a loaded .40 Caliber firearm. It was later determined that the firearm was previously reported stolen out of Jacksonville, Florida.

Read the full post HERE.

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