Last week I asked you on New Jersey 101.5 for the Best Day Trips in New Jersey.

Sunday I started taking your advice and took my wife Deneen and our sons five year old twins ,Lennon and Albert to Allaire State Park. What a great time we had riding the Pine Creek Railroad. The boys , being big Thomas the Train fans from the good old days (when they were two;) were definitely into the train. The Pine Creek Railroad was established in 1953 and is an example of rail travel in the height of the steam era in the United States. It’s run by the New Jersey Museum of Transportation and is just one of the many sights to see at Allaire State Park. The trains run every weekend thru December 23 with a Christmas Express with Santa on Dec 7th. The total cost for the four of us was $16.


The highlight for Dad after the train was the snack bar featuring fried Oreos! Mmmmm

The boys gorged themselves in Good Humor, which they rarely get from their father, especially after hearing his comedy routine ;) If you want to know more about The Pine Creek Railroad and Allaire State Park, Check their website or by clicking here. You could also watch the video below.