Phone service for customers of Century Link was knocked out Saturday night and has been restored.


Lehigh Valley Live reports that around 20,000 customers were unable to complete calls with county 911 calls routed temporarily to the Warren County Communications Center.

Jim Robinson, a spokesman for phone service provider CenturyLink, told Lehigh Valley Live an equipment failure brought the service down. "These lines are all monitored," Robinson said. "When something like this happens, folks are automatically made aware of it."

The outage affected the following exchanges:

  • 537 in the Hampton area
  • 638 in the High Bridge area
  • 238 in the Clinton area
  • 328 in the Clinton area
  • 735 in the Clinton area
  • 730 in the Clinton area
  • 713 in the Clinton area
  • 832 in the Califon area

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