Peter Asher was part of the British duo Peter and Gordon, who had a huge hit with World Without Love" written by Paul McCartney who was dating his sister Jane. He's managed James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt and also did an incredible version of "I Go Pieces" with Albert Lee at McLoones Supper club during the Light Of Day in 2017.

"That was a lot of fun," Asher said of "Light of Day" which he's did in 2016-17. Would he do it again? "If I was free and they asked me I would definitely say yes," Asher said.

Asher has a very successful Beatles show called "From Me To You" on a satellite radio channel and has come out with a new book "The Beatles from A to Zed," which was based on an idea he had for his show. It's not just songs in alphabetical order.

"I use that letter not just for song titles but for people and instruments and styles and places and all kinds of stuff," Asher said. He first met the Beatles in a pub. "I was excited, they were already a big deal or becoming one, they were being much talked about and the whole 'Beatlemania' was just getting fired up." Once the Beatles hit America, it opened the door for other British bands like "Peter and Gordon."

"What the Beatles did when America finally realized how good they were and took it seriously it changed everything because suddenly this music which was all based on our love for American music we meant it as a homage, we were all one giant tribute band."

Asher says the surviving Beatles have not commented on the book but have heard the radio show from which the book is derived from. "Ringo suddenly listens to the radio show from time to time, I believe Paul does," Asher said.

Have they ever corrected any of his stories or suggested others?

"Actually not yet but I keep expecting that especially now that it's a book which is actually committing it to the printed page."

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